Center of Biological Technology and Innovation (CBTI)
Center of Biological Technology and Innovation (CBTI)
Technology-Driven, Empowering Innovation

The creation of CBTI is an important strategic initiative under the so-called "two-wheel driving strategy" set by Asymchem Pharmaceutical Group. CBTI is one of the eight technology centers currently in operation within the Group. Inspired by the success achieved by Asymchem’s technology-driven strategy, CBTI pursues the innovative technology and holistic solutions to empower the scientific breakthrough and satisfying delivery of client’s projects. 

CBTI’s Responsibilities: To nurture AsymBio’s capabilities in scientific innovation, process R&D, platform solutions and supply chain optimization for the development and manufacturing of biological molecules (e.g. antibodies, recombinant biotherapeutics, and bioconjugates, etc.) and advanced therapy medicinal products.

CBTI’s Objectives: To build up our capabilities in cutting-edge technologies for the future growth of AsymBio, to provide comprehensive and high-quality solutions to the clients around the globe, and to better empower and accelerate the R&D and transformation process of innovative drugs.

The CBTI team is formed by a group of high-caliber scientists from the industry. Currently, the center owns a number of cutting-edge technologies and has made breakthroughs in several complex and challenging key projects.

CBTI’s Business Coverage
Building innovative process technologies for different drug delivery
  • Extracellular
    Recombinant biotherapeutics, antibodies, ADCs (endocytosis)
  • Cytoplasmic
    mRNAs, RNA viral vectors
  • Intranuclear
    Plasmid DNAs, DNA viral vectors
The cutting-edge technology reserves available at CBTI:
Overcome Urgent and Challenging Projects
  • Competitive
    Expression Level

    8 g/L

  • Shortened


Case Study
High-yield, Low-cost Media Screening
  • Multiple rounds of screening
    30 domestic culture media
  • Screening results
    2 types of culture media, with a 30%increase in protein yield and a 60% reduction in cost of media
  • Project empowerment
    Promoting application through projects, eventually establishing a domestic culture media platform