Drug Product Development

Comprehensive, Customized Drug Product Development Services

Our service offerings:
Service Advantages:
  • · For development of various conventional and challenging dosage forms, such as: liquid and lyophilized products, multi-dose nasal spray, high-concentration liquid, etc.

    · Covers various routes of administration, such as: intravenous injection, subcutaneous/intramuscular injection, intranasal delivery, etc.

    · Covers diverse molecular modalities, such as: mAbs, bsAbs, fusion proteins, drug conjugates (ADCs, RDCs, AOCs, etc.), mRNA-LNPs, etc.

    · Supports development at various stages, including pre-clinical phase, IND filing, clinical phases, and BLA filing

  •   · Over 10 years of experience in biotherapeutics DP development

Key Equipment:
  • UNCLE protein stability analyzer
  • Telstar lyophilizer
  • Subvisible particle counts and imaging equipment(MFI)
  • Subvisible particle counts and imaging equipment(FlowCam)
  • Subvisible particle counts and imaging equipment(HIAC)
  • Viscometer
  • CCS Integrity tester
  • Filling pump
  • KF residual water analyzer
  • Waters UPLC system
  • Maurice(iCIEFCE)dual system