Cell Line Construction & Development

High Productivity, Outstanding Quality, Stable, and Compliant

Our service offerings:

 · Transient transfection

 · Non-GMP cell bank establishment

 · Construction of stable cell lines

Cell Line Construction.png

Service scope:
Service advantages:
Service Advantages:
  • · Stable and compliant: Universally applied to the stable expression of monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, ADCs, enzymes, fusion proteins, etc.

    · High productivity and quality: Higher expression titers than industrial average level without compromising on quality 

    · Robust delivery capacity: Able to contract for challenging projects

  •  · Over 10 years of experience in cell line development

     · Familiar with monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, ADCs, fusion proteins, and various types of molecules

     · In-depth understanding of China, the United States, Europe, and Australia regulatory requirements for cell line development

  • 2-细胞株构建开发-2(1).png

Key Equipment:
  • Kuhner Incubator
  • VI-Cell XR
  • Workstation
  • C-sight 2.0 Cell Printer
  • VIPS Sorting and Imaging System
  • Octet RED96e
  • Spectrophotometer