Plasmid Manufacturing

High-Quality, Compliant, and Cost-Effective cGMP Manufacture

Our service offerings:

 · Production of circular plasmids for cell and gene therapeutic products

 · Production of mRNA template plasmids (containing polyA in different lengths)

 · Production of DNA products

 · R&D and clinical-grade plasmid manufacturing


Service scope:
Service advantages:

 · Manufacturing capacity at cGMP-compliance manufacturing scales of 5L,15L, 50L to meet different needs of our clients

 · ≤ 100 g/batch GMP plasmid

 · Clean rooms can facilitate the manufacturing throughout the lifecycle of products

 · Comprehensive GMP system with risk management, control strategy and cleaning validation etc. procedures.

 · Efficient and low-cost manufacturing

Key Equipment:
  • 50L stainless steel fermentation system
  • 15L glass fermentation system
  • APPS Process DN10
  • WAVE Reactor