Payload-Linker CMC Services

One-stop Service from development to Commercial 

Our service offerings:

One-stop CMC Service of Payload Linker

  · Early-stage Development Support

  · CMC Process Development and Manufacturing

  · Inventory Products Product Mode - Finished Product Library


Service scope:
Service advantages:
Service Advantages:
  •   · 40+ IND projects, 10+ NDA projects

      · 3~5 months Lead Time for IND Filing Package

      · On time delievery rate exceeds 90%

      · Dedicated purification team and analysis team

  •   · Independent facility dedicated to the R&D of high potency compounds.

      · Dedicated high-potency compound equipment and facilities (rigid isolators, 5~1000L reaction vessels, purification equipment, lyophilizer, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, pressure filtration).

      · Capabilities to execute 30+ payload-linker projects in parallel.

Key Equipment:
  • Isolator
  • Pressure Filter
  • Reactor Rotary Steaming
  • Separation and Purification Equitment
  • Lyophilizer