Antibody Intermediate Manufacturing
Our service offerings:

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Service scope:
Service advantages:
Service Advantages:
  •  · cGMP-compliance manufacturing capacity at scales of 50L, 200L, 500L, and 2000L to meet our clients’ production needs for toxicological studies, clinical trials, and commercialization

     · Continuous expansion of commercial manufacturing capacity in Fengxian, Shanghai

  •  · Platformized materials to effectively reduce the risk of RA and compliance while maintaining product quality

     · The professional and experienced manufacturing, science & technology (MSAT) team to ensure technology and production and success

     · Provides rapid, comprehensive, and effective technology transfer solutions for clinical sample preparation and commercial production

  •  · Over 10 years of clinical and commercial production experience

     · Successfully completed GMP batch production for multiple projects

Key Equipment:
  • 2000 L Single-use Bioreactor
  • 200 L/500 L Single-use Bioreactor
  • AKTA Process Chromatography System
  • Automatic Ultrafiltration System