Bioconjugates Process Development

Efficient, Robust, and Scalable Bioconjugates Development Platform

Our service offerings:

  · Preparation of PCC for various drug conjugates (ADCs, RDCs, AOCs, etc.)

  · Development of conjugation processes with different principals

  · Development of customized conjugation and purification process

  · Technology transfer and process scale-up

  · Process characterization

Service scope:
Service advantages:
Service Advantages:
  • · Diversified conjugation technology platform:

             Proficient in advanced non-site-specific and site-specific conjugation technologies:

            ·Non-site-specific conjugation technologies such as lysine or cysteine conjugation, etc. 

            ·Site-specific conjugation technologies such as ThioMab technology, ThioBridge technology, Sortase enzyme conjugation technology, iGDC technology, etc.

    · Familiar with the conjugation characters of different payload-linkers, such as MMAE, DM1, PBD, Dxd, SN-38, etc.

    · Efficient delivery: capable of completing process development in 2-3 months on average

  •   · Over 8 years of experience in conjugation and purification development

      · Several years of experience in late-stage process characterization

Key Equipment:
  • AKTA avant150 chromatography system
  • Sartoflow® Smart Tangential flow filtration system
  • EasyMax parallel reactor
  • Weighing isolator