2023-12-18 06:15
AsymBio Showcases Biologics CDMO Capabilities at Antibody Engineering Therapeutics Conference

AsymBio, a leading biologics Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), took center stage at the Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics conference in San Diego, CA. The company's presence at this esteemed event underscored its commitment to advancing biologics development and manufacturing.

Asymbio’s team of experts, Jiawen Xu, Ph.D, Senior Director; Jan Jiricek, Ph.D, Senior Director of Business Development; and Brian Dwyer, Ph.D, Director of Business Development, engaged with industry leaders and experts throughout the conference.


AsymBio highlighted its deep expertise in the development and manufacturing of multi-modality bioconjugates and biologics. In the meantime, AsymBio showcased its AmigoCHO cell line development platform, which has continued to facilitate optimized production of diverse biologics. By spotlighting cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing capabilities, AsymBio reinforced its dedication to advancing biologics innovation to commercialization.


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